Guitar Music Compositions
Kurt Hummel 1995-2017
56 Compositions – published by epubli – Berlin

This book  contains the majority of Kurt Hummel’s compositions for solo guitar written between 1995 and 2017. The 56 pieces are notated in standard notation and tablature and are fit for advanced players. The book also contains additional information about the individual pieces (story behind the composition, releases…). Some of the compositions are notated to be played with a partial capo. The first part of the book also gives background information about the author and his guitar playing. All texts are in German and English.

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This is a choice of notes and tabs in PDF format from a number of my songs.

Between the Beaches 

Mariage Des Quatre Valses 

By the way 

New Perspectives in Known Places 

São Miguel 

To Late For Breakfast



Underneath a Giant Redwood

Old Couple

Music for S.

Good Bye Woody


Cha Chou

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