Monthly Archives: August 2017

Over 200,000 Views of “Hypnotic Steel” on YouTube!

The second guitar video that I ever uploaded on YouTube has recently reached 200,000 views. The video and sound quality aren’t very good since it was recorded almost ten years ago but this was state of the art back then – also because of the data transmission rates. A friend of mine recorded the first few videos because I didn’t have the necessary equipment. Only the relative success of the first videos convinced me to buy a video camera and record the following videos myself.

São Miguel

The theme for this piece came to me on the island of São Miguel, the largest island of the Azores. It is located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and is very green and lush. This is why the song has a very upbeat and positive vibe to it (at least in my opinion). I have already put the piece down in notes and Tabs, which you can find as a PDF download under the “TABs” section.