Monthly Archives: February 2022

I´m Just a Machine

This song is a production from 1999 and I couldn’t resist releasing it now. At that time I was experimenting with an artificial voice and produced a few tracks. Unfortunately nobody was interested in this music back then and I’m afraid that won’t change either. But it belongs in my history, especially since I put a lot of time into these productions and the voice. The voice to be heard is purely synthetic, i.e. generated by the computer. The music that can be heard there doesn’t have much to do with what I’m releasing today, but I still enjoy it today.

Against the Grey

The month of November 2021 felt very “grey” to me. During this time, the fourth wave of the coronavirus pandemic was mounting. Adding on to this were very bad news concerning my family and I was planning on composing a melancholic ballade. However, I then decided to write something cheerful and vivacious to combat the grey feelings. This dance was the result, but I still couldn’t make do without harmonies in a minor key.