Monthly Archives: June 2016

Jardim Atlantico

I developed the underlying theme of this piece in April while I was in Madeira. It is named after a hotel on the island. In May, I finished composing the song in Crete where I spent a lot of time playing the guitar.

The song is played with a partial capo on the second fret in standard tuning. It is a little more percussive than most of my compositions. After I had a little creative „drought“, the ideas have recently started flowing again. Which means that I will soon have enough material to fill a CD. What exactly is going to happen with this material is still wide open…

Back on the Hill…

Everybody has a personal magical spot that makes them feel calm and content. A hill in southern Crete is such a magical spot for me. After a few years, I once again sat here on several late afternoons with my guitar, playing, developing new ideas, and refining old ones. This hill was where I composed pieces such as “Retsina Hill ” and “Old Couple”. This new song is titled “Back on the Hill”. I have included a few movie snippets this time to give you a general idea of the place.


The Travel Guitar…


I have gone on my first trip (to Greece) with my new travel guitar “Little Jane” from Furch and have used the guitar intensively . There were no problems taking it on board as hand luggage. The guitar bag has two additional pockets which accommodate for example a tablet-computer, necessary travel documents etc.


The guitar is good to play, she has the 62 cm scale and 45 mm neck width and has a really nice sound for the size. You can also take the guitar with you when walking for longer distances because the guitar bag can be worn as a backpack. The assembly of the guitar is easy and after a little bit of tuning the guitar is quickly ready to play.