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The new CD is here!

This new CD features 21 – mostly unreleased (except for YouTube) – solo guitar pieces. With the exception of a few tracks, the pieces are new compositions from the past few years.
The CD comes with a 12-page booklet with background information on the compositions and pictures. Except for one piece, all are played on the steel string guitar. Only “Mariage des Quatre Valses” was recorded on the classical guitar. Several of the pieces are written to be played with a variety of different partial capos.
If you are interested in the CD please contact me via e-mail by clicking here.

Mythos at Sunset

This guitar piece is an improvisation on a subject and describes a certain mood. “Mythos” is the name of a Greek beer. The video recordings of the sunset were taken during autumn of one of the last years on the south coast of Crete. It is a very special feeling in “Taverna Odysseas” (the ones who know it, know where to find it) to open the fridge, take out a beer and then experience the sunset with (mostly) fitting music. I hope I managed to capture it to some extent!